Thursday, June 11, 2009

000 sEx tOy000

Foreplay can use sex-toy together help your partner getting more orgasm before going to next sessions. Most of the girl like foreplay longest time as can really enjoy partner play with their nipples, pussy, licking, sucking, plus using sex-toy, will make your girl get into heaven. If your partner are in high sex drive, this will help her to get more orgasm then wait for her to beg you for sex.
The above sex-toy is for girl, put on the waist and turn on the vibrator, is to vibrate the g-spot or your tummy. INTERESTING?
Did you have any interesting or funny sex-toy for sharing?


Anonymous said...


omg sex toy, never try before... maybe some other days i will get one haha


Calvin said...

haha dunno abt singapore but there are tons here in aussie :). to have so much fun with....

Anonymous said...

dear jl,

i m 31 years and i m 1.8 with 75kg wanna try out with you if you want to. email for contact.


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Personally, I prefer meat over plastic or rubber. Maybe I'm missing out on something.


Calvin said...

How many singaporean guys would use a toy on their partner or willing to use any form of sex toys on their partner? or do they think that their pricks are enough to make their partner want them? Just curious. After I've tried using these toys, all i can say is that sex was never the same w/o them.

The Flirt said...

Can I watch you use the toys on yourself, given I'm in the same part of the world as you are, sweetie? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Horny Gal,

I used vibrator on my buddy and it make her cum faster. If not i will have to finger her clits for a long time for her to reach orgasm - not that I am complaining. ;) You should try sex toys and see the result Horny Gal. Haha.

JL said...

The Flirt

thkq for yr comments

Anonymous said...

email me at
i promise you you won't regret.


The Lonely World said...

Email for chat!?

wayst1019 said...
mind 2 add me in MSN n hv a further conversation there ?
: )

Anonymous said...

hi June,

I have never like sex toys as i always thought why would i use a sex toy on my partner when i have my own "toy"?
and i even think that using sex toys on her is like implying i am not good enough.
but then i have changed, as i finally tried, with her permission, and we found that sex toys provide another form of fun.
and anyway sex is all about fun, so extra fun is always good.
another things is, there are so many kinds of sex toys out there, to choose whichever is also the main factor to whther it will become fun or not.


PS. we can discuss further if you like. :)
my email cum msn:

Neo Koh Wei said...

i love seeing my woman cum infront of me esp before sex..:D

Chris said...


care to add me on msn?

hope to hear from you soon...


delicacy said...

hi june ,

thanks for adding me as frd here , well still a newbie who rarely coums in here ,, woh, this world is " fan hua shi jie" and many encounters or perhaps just another fortunate day for guys ,, honestly speaking, woudl really hope to be real frd with u if u dun mind , not only be in here , but in real life, nothing much in particular but just purely frds ,, do u mind add me in msn at or leave your contact in my msn email address,, woudl hope to hear from u real soon ya ..

cheers and hae a great week ahead .

Anonymous said...

One of my first cheap toy is a strawberry chupachups ..:)
Mr Big

JL said...

mr big

so now u got more la..... haha

Anonymous said...

My most ex. one is a 2 meter long lightsabre with light, sound and vibration special effects. The sound and vibration effects are turned on when you thrust it..
Mr Big.

JL said...

mr. big

U must be enjoy yr sex toy


Life IS Confusing said...

wow... I'll like to have those toys~~~ seem enjoyable... My ex promise me to buy one for me.. but well we are done before he could do it.. T.T

Mr Big any recomendation for toys?

JL said...

life is confusing

yr blog is interesting care to give me yr email address?

Anonymous said...

oh nice thingy i did love to try it. nv experience it be4???