Sunday, July 12, 2009

()()() MOAN ()()()


Did U Moan? U like soft moan or loud moan?

After see the video clip, tell me how u feel?

I like guy moan, very turn on me.....I moan very loudly as i wan to show my feeling.


abc said...


i like both loud and soft moan. But loud moans more. It turns me on easily. When i read your blog it turns me on too. Now too. you like guy moan loud or soft?


JL said...


A nice name, good morning, i like guy soft moan....

U first time give comments?
Happy u like my blog


abc said...

yes my 1st time giving comments :) morning too.
yup i had been reading your blog since a month ago.
i love you blog too. gets my morning job done easily.
haha. and thanks to you sharing your experience too :). i always wanted to try my cum too, but i donknow if i want too annot.


JL said...


i had personnally reply any comment which reader had send to me. more interesting thing comin up or u wan to share some of your experience to email, u can also give me yr emai and we can communicate ther. Take care have a nice sunday


lonelyboy said...


is it u in the video^^

hearing it make wan to do something^^

JL said...


Wat think, is me? or someone else

Good tat mean u r MAN


Anonymous said...


Flyboy tried to look very hard...the action in the shaking looks like a guy masturbating but I think I heard woman moaning....

2nd time, flyboy think it is a woman's chest close up and the girl is riding the guy fast....

is it you? I am so hard and my pre-cum is to stop typing....

I hope it was you

wei said...


is tat u in the video??
i like gal moan and shout my name
it make me feel so good.
i do moan.


Jack said...

I love girls to gasp & moan softly. It will seem like they are trying very hard to gain control but yet, they can't help but to succumb.

teare said...

haha ^^

trying to be cheeky right JL


ronaldo said...

hi can have your email ma? i wan to add u in msn. i am a naughty person also =p

JL said...

Flyboy and wei

hmmmmmm i will get the answer if the comments had go up to 30.....
Haha so yr like the ger moan.... really turn on? wow she may be good did u hear the piak piak sound?


JL said...


I tok to u tonite..... lol


JL said...


How old are u?


Jackson said...

Haha, notti notti JL...

Anonymous said...

judging form the clip above,it is hardly to turn me own. sorry for the offence if its u,june.

btw,abt this moaning thingy,i still prefer loud moan. and moaning from both sexes during love making is the best.


wei said...


Ya really turn me on.
i heard tat. i turn my volume to the highest



Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Good moaning June.
You always have nice ideas to post.
I go from soft to loud and follow the flow of the session. My BF always calls my name when he cums.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha i can prove that JL's moan does turn you on..

ronaldo said...

i am only 20 year old. i am quite interested in u. we can chat online ok. =p

JL said...

Amy: less moaning together, yes i use to go ard and survey wat is the interesting topic they like, next topic also interesting, will post tonite

Wei: Turn on u good leh, that mean u still strong enuff

Ronaldo: u r very young, concentrate study la, dun see too many sex blog.

Jackson: u noe i alway very notti

KUL: i moan loudly la but this video taken this morning cant be too loud wait all my family members can hear me moan inside the room, hehe

KlJl said...

oh,i see that. but in the morning...hahah. kinda sexay.

btw,the next video must be very interesting.


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear June,

Can I repost your moaning on my blog, I'll site you as source?


JL said...

Dear Amy

U can...... Thks


jf said...

hi JL, yea..i like ur moan..and i sure its U in the video..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis June,

ur moaning really turned me on...I can imagine ur puffy n thick pussy was so wet when u masturbate in the morning...


ronaldo said...

i have my needs, it depends on whether u wan to add me up. =). would like to have sex with u also

teare said...

haha ^^
talk to me?? i dont knw whats your msn even i think u added me but not sure is which 1...
so how do wish to contact me?? postage??

acid said...

Will only make soft moaning if i get a good BJ LOL and fickle of the tongue at the my nipple..... :)

Hey JL Might i request you make a poll of how many guys can cum with just let the gal BJ??? That is to tied in with the post below this on SPERM.

Reddevil said...

Dear June

Ur moanings r soooo turn ON! Nice blog too :)

Red Devil

delicacy said...

Hi Jl,

this me , mark,, delicacy .. remember ?

got yoru reply email , since then think abt a month ago, u didnt reply me in email again .. hmm, would be very keen and hope i could able to be frd with u ya ,

please do email me again . or we could be able to chat in msn etc ..


kindest regards

Mark ( delicacy )

myfirefox123 said...

Dear June,

Of course, i moaned.....the level of moaning depend much on sexual response cycle..
1) Excitement phase, 2) Plateau phase,
3)Orgasmic phase, 4)Resolution phase
Normally my loudness increased according to the phase
..i also prefer my partner to moan as same as me...coz it can create stimulation, increased in muscle tension, heart beat....etc.. towards the peak of sexual pleasure..

dood guy said...

wow, u sound like a good phuck, man the sound i can even mast to it right now!

dood guy said...

hey, i hope u can send me an audio clip of ur moan, u know i might need it during my mundane train rides or those lonely nites ;)

JL said...


U can give me yr email address...

Myfirefox123: yes wish i can hear your moan.

Delicacy: sorry too busy recently reply to u later.

Red devil: Thks for your support. i will post more nice thing.

Acid: lots of ger can do a good bj including me la.... hope got chance to hear yr soft moan... i will try my best to post yr question okay.

Teare: sorry wrong person la, hmmm u r too young leh.

Wei: haha can i hear?

Flyboy: thks smith..... hope yr happen with yr present job and enjoy sex life....

KUL: Maybe next time i shd post the real moan, will that turn on u?

Jack: Haha tat is nice

KlJl said...

Lol,im waiting then. ^^

acid said...

LOL i know there alot of gals that can do a BJ i met a few that said they can but....... So far So far i must say....... no record broken yet LOL i'm not BSing Maybe my expectation to high of a BJ. Anyway not here to discuss that. Your moaning is sexy gave me a big stir. I can't hear it in office as the network is filter out so i can only listen to your sexy moan at home :)

abc said...

erm sorry for a late reply was not home ytd after i gave you my comment.
my email is

abc :)

Anonymous said...

seldim heard gal moan leh, JL, u moan, wah, nice seh, the feeling mst be good,

roysk said...

hi, JL,
u moan, nice. must be very stimulating.

catzdj147 said...

baby baby...hehe.

Josh said...

hey..this is my first time posting a comment on your blog too (:

i've been following your blog for quite some time and it never fails to make me cum. hehe..
wanna try to get some interesting experience from you and maybe we can exchange (: if u dont mind la..


AL said...

Hi JL,

who's the girl ? lol

she sounds v high for sure.

Anonymous said...

i only moan softly, maybe louder when going to cum but not always will be loud


Order of Magdeline said...

Your passionate sounds made me long to cum with you. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

yes, JL, i heard the piak piak piak...that's why i wrote about girl riding

your moaning is pure sexiness in poetry


wei said...


hmmm how u goin to heard?
if we can meet up then u can heard it


dood guy said...

hey jl, my email: doodone at

thx looking forward to ur moanclit :)

AB said...

cant see clearly.. only can hear dont know if u DIY or getting stuffed.. -_-
u said u get the answer when comments go up to 30... dont see any answer... -_-

that guy said...

nice sexy voice u have~ i like your moan.. its turn me on =) keep it up gal~

wet guy said...

wow JL ur sexy moan turn me on hehe~ and i even hear ur wet puusy sound u must be very wet n enjoy ya~ nice moan gal next 1 moan even louder alright sweet~ =)

JL said...

acid: dun hear at work la, at
home in yr home lor.

roysk: u are new here, welcome

Josh; welcome to my blog, so
happy u like, u can leave
yr email address
Wet guy : thks for support

Tat guy; thks u like tat

Ab: u got the answer la

Al, order of magdeline: new here, thks

Alan; long time nvr hear from u

Anonymous said...

Moaning is fun esp both of them moan together as loud as u wan. Reach the pit :)

Josh said...

thanks for having this blog though. its damn good (: u can add me at (: i'll cya there...

Josh said...

thanks for having this blog though (: u can add me at (:

i'll cya there..

Anonymous said...

ur moaning really turned me on...these is the 1st time i'm read ur hot/..


Anonymous said...

these my 1st time giving comment..1st time reading ur blog.. i found u quite fun lah..hahahha anyway love your moans and your wet sounds;)kind of urn me on..hahahah !.Im 37, male, just wondering if you wanted to be friends, Msn, etc. So if you are still okay with the idea hope to hear from you soon. contact me at see ya there:)


bitterdreams said...

hmmm, quite a nice moan, it do really turn me on, thx for ur video:)


Anonymous said...

haha, shouldn't watch at night.heart keep pumping for listen your voice.


penyulily77 said...

hai... i love u..