Wednesday, July 15, 2009

<><> Nipples<><>

What Nipples size did u Like and color?

Nipples had differ size as some is big, small, when normal time our nipples is just soft and look so nice and when it is cold or someone suck and lick it become hard, hmmmmmm My nipples is light brown color and about 1cm big. Nipples is the most sensitive area on our body. I believe some guy like ger to suck and lick their nipples, don u?

Did u ever put some cream on the nipples and lick it dry, try it, is fun.......


KlJl said...

June,a good picture u have there.
and regarding your question,preferbly "medium" size. and alsoi believe nipple licking/playing is quite important part in getting the mood to make love. never tried cream before,haha. honey oso a good idea.


myfirefox123 said...

Although yr shirt has covered it.........i can see deep inside ....wah...a big boobs.. ......
....would love to suck and lick.....:) :) :)

never try to put cream on it........
better try next time.......
:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Personally, I don't really like big nipples. Yours is 1cm right? I think that is fine. Too small is not very nice either. It just makes the breasts look funny.

You should try putting Nutella. It is super yummy and as chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it turns both parties on even more.

Or maybe even ask the guy to keep an ice in the mouth and suck the nipple. It will give a tingling sensation.

Would you like to try with me? :)



Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Do let me know if you are interested in knowing me further because I am interested in knowing you further. I hope to hear from you yea?


JL said...

chris: look like u r nw here, welcom to the blog.hmmmm
or u can leave yr email. see how?

Myfirefox123: great u like tat

KUl: thks for support, Hug

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Hmmm. Sure. My email address is Hope to hear from you via email?

I have been following your blog fro a month plus now actually. Will try my best to comment in every post that you have. :)



alohaguy said...

june nice pic very sexy.. wish i could see more. i like mines just right.

nipple play always get girls wet and ready.

leaving ice in my mouth is what i do some times. never tried cream.

r u going to email me?

alohaguy said...

do you like rubbing your nipples while you ride a fat cock. i find that such turn on

ronaldo said...

ronaldo. can u add my msn. would like to chat with u . haha

JL said...

Alohaguy: i had sen u email,please check

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

What about me? Haha! Sorry for my impatience.



Anonymous said...

I like nipple that is pinky

Anonymous said...

hi, JL, can we communicate with email? Nice boob.

acid said...

Nice boobs i love pinch and twist them make than sore abit than lick and suck them hahaha

JL said...

chris u can leave yr email to me

That guy said...

wow.. u have a nice tits i guess ur nipple r big. was your nipple hard when u take tat pic?..hehe any way yes i try cream on nipple before n even honey~ the gals love it .. it turn them on... wat do u think?... do reply me yea =) love~

That guy

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

I did actually. In my previous coments. It's Hope to hear from you soon. Best if it's like now? Haha.



Anonymous said...

hi june,

may i noe the size of yr boobs. it really look nice. can i hav a private chat wif u.


Anonymous said...

hi june,

may i noe wat is yr boobs size? really hope to noe u more. can we hav a private chat?


alohaguy said...

june.. dont see it.. can u resend it to me please..

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Dont have have tyoe which i really like as long as can lick and suck till the girl dam horny can le...mind adding me in msn? to hear from you^^btw i just got to knw your blog a few days ago

sherman =)

greeny said...

hot stuff babe. add me up if interested

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

ur pict really a turn on, with the perky nipples hiding behind that tee. can see you are blessed with a beautiful full breast. getting a hard-on looking at it!

i dont like small nipples, cos feels abit like men. i prefer bigger nipple, 1cm sounds about just right. pink is damn sexy, light brown is good as well. dark black nipple or "pencil rubber" type are no no.

love being lick on the nipples. frenching & nipple licking always get my birdie rock it esp. when it's being lick while pumping in missionary. not so fond of cream though i think...:-)

love u baby

Anonymous said...

i started off liking small bobs because i can cup my whole palm and give warm stimulatin to the whole breast.

big ones are great too for dick fucking

nipples? the bigger the better!


Anonymous said...

oh, by the way, you will look stunning walking down the street braless, ever try that?


javens said...

June, wat a nice pic. hope to see more.... :)
never try wif cream... next time may be decorate wif a cherry on it, mmmm shouldbe tasty

javens said...

aaa1313 said...

Nice tities...

DO you mind If I lick on them?
I personally like to see girl braless with T.

it TURNS me on rocket high.



Anonymous said...

Yummy yummy.
Can email me to chat more ?


DreamWeaver said...

Hmmmm, personally, i am not too picky but having said that, i would rather think that the best nipple is the one you have between your lips. ;)

- DW

lost in asia said...

they look lovely! it's my firs time here, great page you have!


Dream said...


talking about nipple.
I say it one of the delicated part of the body. even some guy enjoy it.
personally, I havent tried a 1cm nipple. tempting...
Looking forward with you for a open end chat? email me your msn.

Ryan said...

I was surprise that u got nice nipples.... good to grab n i am sure u will feel great if guys help u to massage a little :P

Seems like u got horny interests.... sorry about that, i am first time here :)

Add me if u wan at

Ryan here miss JL :)

S4 said...

Hi June, my email is hope to hear from you. Regards, Wai(S4)

S4 said...

Hi june,nice boobs you got there.Would really like to suck those nipples in my mouth with ice water,my email is Hugs, Wai(S4)

Farker69 said...


nice racks u have there ..

Anonymous said...

hi JL... u have a real nice boobies.. mind to share some photo to me? tnx.. =) icey~

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear June,

Very sexy nipples in additional to your nice rack O_O
You also have sexy legs and, I heard, puffy pussy. A complete package. With that sexy moan, you're every men's dream.

Hey June, do you know what happened to our sis blogger Mylia? All of a sudden her blog "Defying Love's Gravity" went away.


Jack said...

I have no preference. I'll be happy as long as I can hear soft gasps and moans when I lick them.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, like my vid? =P
Super nice boobs... Like the clothless pics better thou.. =P


Anonymous said...

hey hye. nice picture!!!!!!!!!
make friends?

alohaguy said...

who says wet that tee shirt... go june go..

Anonymous said...

Wow June, can see that your nipples are abit erected...feels like sucking them after seeing your pics. Sucking nipples with ice or fruit jam, its nice....wanna try?

can email me?



wei said...


wah. nice pic, ur nipple is poking. ur moan turn me on and now this turn me on too, if can see more tat will be great.


David said...

June, that is nice nipple show with a t shirt on. Will love that way u suggest especially if put on a fruit jam on the nipple and suck it will be so nice. On the other hand, if i have chance to lick it, I will put a chill cold red wine on u nipple and lick it.

So long never chat, kind of missed to chat with u. david /

dark snow said...

i like big nipple...maybe just a visual preference but certainly there are more to play with...

Josh said...

hey..thanks for setting up this blog. its good (: i chatted with u before but i took quite some time to reply u. sry. =x

anyway, here's my email:

add me.. cya there (:

Anonymous said...

nice nipple.