Friday, July 31, 2009

&&&& Red Wine &&&&


I like red wine, like the sweet taste, especially drink before sex can make both parties get into a high sensation.

Singapore National day is coming, Let drink and CUM on me SINGAPORE.




nocturnal creature said...

cum on you...cheers to that...

Anonymous said...

red wine really sets the mood


nocturnal creature said...

cum on me...cheers to that..

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

My preference would be red too.. don't know why i don't like whites..

For me, de thing about sex after wine is that i could last longer.. probably the nerves around my penis are sedated!! ;p.. Nah it numbs it for all you know.. in which im sure everyone knows about it..

I tried once at a drinking session, drank wine the whole time, then met up with my ex-gf, after one phone call, we met at hotel 81 at changi road. She booked herself inside first and gave me the room number. i was quite tipsy and horny like hell.. I ranged the door bell and there she was clad in translucent nighties. i immediately got an erection.. she offers to shower me.. by the time she reach my dick.. i inserted into her mouth.. she gave me a deep throat for 10mins.. i can feel my 6" all de way as i fill up her throat.. stripped her down.. lifts one leg up and start banging her for another 10mins in standing position.. we dried ourselves up, head to the bed.. i started blowing kisses, pecks and licks her neck slowly all de way down to her wet clit.. i can feel the heat radiating from her wet pussy.. starts banging her.. she was so wet that after 20mins.. i could see wet substances forming around my penis and her clit.. some even drips onto the bedsheets. Didnt know wat it was until she told me its was her cum juice.. that statement spurs me to pump her even more.. went for another 15 mins in a 77 position followed by doggie. Would often pull up my dick out n insert it back until i could feel her inner wall.She loves them. ;p. After that she offered to make me cum as she can see im exhausted. She deep throats again for 10mins.. still i refuse to cum.. eventually it took her 15 more mins to hand masturbate me.. i shot my load onto her face, the sperm trail starts from her chin to the bed head... i hold her as tight in 77 position n inserts my dick into her pussy and cuddles her to sleep.. my last question to her was how many times she cum, her reply was 5..

Thats the one and only time i could hold for that long of a period.. Was a good one.. but its physically draining..

Think you have those episodes too.



JL said...

Dear Dook

Thks for sharing yr story, is very nice then brg back yr memory.
I love that, or u wan to share me more about yr story?


Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Stories is for sharing and to exchange ideas and experience. Would love to you with you more.



David said...

Hi June,

Instead of cumming on u, i would rather pour the red wine over your body and lick, sip and suck from you.

The blood sucking scenes from Coppola's movie,"Bram Stoker's Dracula" reappear in my mind...

Suck and lick ur pussy and nipples~~~


Anyway Happy Cumming National Day~~~ Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Morning J,
Redwine & sex.. yes..for me the best combination in the worlds..

Don;t know why..everytime..i drank red wine..i think about sex all the time..even at social god..once i was with my ex at a company funtions,
i immediately got an erection..after my 1st glass of reds..I got to pull her to the toilet to get release.. she offers to give masturbate .. my dick..i was so high i can;t cum..i think takes her more than 30 min, she refuse to take me in cos she say she don't wanna get her dress & panties messy..scare i shoot too much it will drip wen she walking around..em..anyway..
Thats the one and only time i could hold for that long of a period..

Do you have those moments too ?


deadboyh said...


ee i am a non-drinker^^

but maybe with someone "sp"^^

why not^^

Anonymous said...

Used to try having a cigarette and wine.
A heavy one too...
Your head will spin quite abit, gets really high and horny.
Love the feeling.
Keep it up!

Giovanni said...

Love both red and wine. Especially to have it over a nice dinner before proceed on to more "activities". Even better if to have it at a nice chilling weather or place. That really brought me back to those reminiscence memories during the down under (i mean OZ..) trip with my partner. :)

Anyhow, i hope your partner can can "stand up for singapore" during the whole NDP "celebration" after the wine session

Also the way u said about "CUM on me singapore" just reminds me of the last portion of the chorus to the song of Count on me Singapore which goes like this..

CUM on me to give my best and more, CUM on me Singapore ..

LOL... have a nice weekend.. :)

Richard said...

Wine is always a nice beginning with a woman.

Randy said...

I love red wine. I love the women from Singapore. Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to celebrate Singapore National Day on Aug. 9.

acid said...

Wine,woman,sex the mixture is great for a evening of warm and nice penetration :)

Anonymous said...

can i hav yr msn?