Thursday, August 20, 2009

00 High Sex Drive 0000

High Sex Drive - Most of the guy are high sex drive, so what is the highest record you DIY
in a day? Me DIY the highest record is 3 times a day. Sometime is too horny
will DIY in office toilet. Did u ever do that?


Evan Chan said...


My highest record was 4! That's the time when I was still a student and have nothing much better to do. haha

Anyway, loves your pics as usual. Great entry.


zayne00 said...

how does it feel to masturbate in your office toilet dear?

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Kinky Sexy and Horny Sis June,

Can you record your toilet masturbation moaning and show us?

I used to masturbate a lot before I met my BF. These days I do one at most. Mostly at work.

Kisses & Hugs,
-sis Amy

JL said...

Dear Sis Amy

I do a good one just for u


relevent married guy said...

I think six or seven in one day. Almost never at work except for one Saturday long ago. By the end I was almost shooting blanks. ;)

blueman said...

Horny june,

wow..nice picture as usual..making me hot..@_@.. my higest record DIY is 3 time also in a happen i was smoking at exit staircase when a couple getting horny two staircase below me..can`t resist such free show..^_^


mark said...

at age 51 I can still get 3 shots in one day! Though don't have the opportunity as much anymore. Having private office is great when things are quiet :-)

Big john said...


I do it almost anytime I can, but not in office toilet....sounds kinky diy in toilet...great pics...u make me want to diy right now looking at u....heh

CK said...

Well, it is hard to remember what my highest record is. It is not the important thing, isnt it? As long as u are satisfied, the number doesn't mean anything.

I feel that when we have nothing to do, we tend to masturbate more. Just to keep u off the boredom. Anyway, waiting for your masturbate show, let it cumming ! :x

JL said...

Mark: At yr age not bad already, jia u

Big John: Yes i wish can satisfy u

CK: I will post another Moan video on the weekend.

Blueman: Is nothing to be horny, if i were u, also get horny.

Revelentmarriedguy: Good Job

Zayne00: Mast at office toilet is public toilet, cant moan, very kinky, hehe

Evan: U r young ma, gd job , hope i can post more sexy pic

dood said...

wat horny! once i did (like not really wank but will my royal erection to explosion) it in front of a girl (hottie but i dont really know her) while having lunch in a canteen! man! that was the best orgasm!

Shaun said...

Have you tried fingering yourself at your desk when no one was around?

JL said...

Shuan: Yes, i do

Dood: That is the gd one, tat mean u r very honry, i like lol

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

As this rate with such explosive blog entries... kudos to you.. power!!

Highest was 3 for me in the span of 1 hour.. but then again my penis head was sore after the 3rd ejaculation.. have to sayang it for another hour....

Public masturbation is indeed thrillin.. Done it in office toilet b4 in the night time, prefer shooting my loads onto the urinal rather then toilet bowl.

Done it on public bus b4 during my school days.. done it in chalet bed under the blanket with 2 strangers sleeping beside me..

Well the list goes on n on.. :)

P.S your blog word verification word is "produce"...



incomplete said...

5 times for me. Would have been more if I got juice left. nowadays only 1... plus another once i read your blog.

JL said...

Dook: everyone got they interesting way of mast. enjoy


Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Perhaps you could share as well your DIY activites in details with us? Your legion of loyal fans are waiting anxiously for it..



Shaun said...

Hey June,

What other public places have u masturbated? E.g. Library, Bus, Playground etc.

Anonymous said...

sorry I am late...for flyboy..max was 2 times only

places other than bathroom or bedroom I have mast in

1) office toilet
2) library toilet
3) car
4) my back yard (at nite)
5) hospital - for sperm testing

JL, u are hot - I once read a girl tried masturbating in a supermarket's changing room....what do you think?

mitchell said...

lol, never kept a record for masturbation. hmmm, for sex was, 6 times over 3 to 5hrs? hurt after that though, for both of us lol

mitchell said...

never kept count for masturbating. hmmm in bed with gf, it was 6 times max, 3 to 5 hrs. both of ours kinda hurt after that though lol.

JL said...


For me had mast at toilet office (those are single one) and public toilet (office). That is the kinky one u cant moan and make noise as the othe will listen.

One is at office staircase (which is smoking place, as i mast half way someone wk in, i quickly pull back my hand and i was wearing short skirt.

One is in the office (which my site is right behind, take off my g-string and mast was on sat no one in the office.

I wan to try on the bus tat is excited too. do u thk so?

Love and hug

Giovanni said...

so far 3 times / day and have also masturbated (phone sex) in the office's toilet. Have you ever try masturbating while exposing yourself to the neighbor ?

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

When ever there is a sense of thrill factor.. its always exciting, particularly in the presents of strangers around.. cinema, walking along orchard road with a dildo drilling its way into your pussy etc..

Women can do it so much easier as compared to guys...



zayne00 said...


mast on bus sure exciting. i only tried in public toilet.

u sure is a horny gal.

can take some pix of u wearing g-string?


ry said...

Hi June,

Only for more...

usuallly do it in safe place where there are no interruptions.


diamondhead said...

Tried 7 times when i was younger :)

dark snow said...

damn, u r just too hot!!!

my highest record is 5 i think, when i dun have a gal..

it would be great if u got a video here but please be safe ok?

u r always the best! said...

once a day *blush*
if ucan help me. i can cum more:D said...

once a day *blush*
if ucan help me. i can cum more:D


Sweet kinky June,

i cant wait to record your toilet masturbation moaning for us.

Hot kisses from slave

Anonymous said...

hi jl,

kinky kinky...all ur naughty acts. esp. going to ofc w/o panty, wow wow! will be looking at my office girl differently from tmr. ur fault! :-P
for me max is 3 times. the load kinda diluted after the 3rd shot..hmm. if i continue, believe the forth will be just unloading air!


JT said...

Trying on bus will be interesting.. make sure the bus driver don't see u doing it.. else may cause accident.. haha..
Noticed you like green.. that is my favorite color too..


deadboyh said...


4 to 5 times a day^^

depen on the mood also^^

but the best is still bonking 4 to 5 time than diy^^

Tenby3Inched said...

Mine was 8.

1st to the 4th, all drenched with perspiration.

By the 4th to the 5th - shooting blanks.

duration.. damn dunno.

Had a rest between 5-6,7th and finished off with a 8.

*about 30mins , chit chatting, drinking, eating!?

Bob said...

hello sis june
i could DIY up to 4 shots per day n my drive is too high n i have tried wank in public places before such as in the bus,toilet,school n also in my work..its quite cooling n happening as once i tried wankin n eventually mine female captain saw it n she like turn on by it.. :D how abt u sis june?

Scooby said...

ya...the posibility of getting caught can really have a explosive effect. I did it in office, bus, classroom, park, train, etc... DIY and letting someone do it for u is also different...

Lost in Sg said...

June, new here, but I'd like to're LOVELY! :) I"ve stopped by here a few times before though. :)

I love what I see! :)


DreamWeaver said...

In fact, i just did. ;)

Duke said...

Lol oh my.... i just happen to got to your blog.... and regarding this topic .... 4times was my max a day... and yes i do it in office too... in the toilet... and for your info i just did 1 in the toilet after hearing your moaning clip lol :P