Thursday, September 10, 2009

00 Reward all My reader 00


This is to reward all my reader. hope all my reader like the video i post.

This four days viewer everyday had up to 1k per day, now is 34K, thanks for all you support.

Love n Hug



dark snow said...


now i am jealous of that guy...


u sure know how to rewards the readers..

JL said...

Dark snow

Ha ha , he is gd fucker, hmmmm
happy u jealous him


DK said...

really lik the way u sound...u must be having so much fun ;) wish I was there...

Victor said...

Judging from your moan, you must really enjoyed the session.

Repost Agent said...

the moaning really gets to me. damn, it's awesome!

BrandonAreila said...

why i cant email you june? must i have a yahoo account to email you?

zayne00 said...


What a wild moan. haha. How was that session?


ed said... sounded so serene to my ears:)

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear sis June,

My BF called me at work and told me he listened to your moan repeatedly and played the other video showing your beautiful body.

Sis June can you email me at I'd really like to arrange a swap with you - the four of us getting together?

I want to know who's fucking you. He's so good. Would you swap BF with me? Just once?

Kisses & Hugs,
-sis Amy

BlueEyes69 said...

I'm soaking wet just listening to you! Please, keep it cumming!!!


JL said...


Nice session , one month ago

Blueeyes69 & er


Amy i send email t u


JL said...


u can use any email accts to send
an email to me

see u

Love June said...

fucking hell!
i m so jealous too!!!

Giovanni said...


i m sure u are being fucked well to moan this way .. so steamy .. :)

alohaguy said...

June sounds so hot but now im hurt..

i know i can do better than that sweety

Anonymous said...

JL, so happy u can have good fuck with that lucky fler and Amy too

hope u will write abt it


Anonymous said...

Hey June,

Nice moan! you've got me erected again! haha

If only the video could be a little bit longer.. that will be perfect.

Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Great moan.. you got everyone all fired up for this weekend!!



JL said...

aloha: I know u got hurt, i know u can do better, just like too far distant

Dook: yes everyone got fired up this week end, try to find yr SB FB
to have a good fuck.

ya, i know lots of ppl jealous abu tat guy but i can tell u he is a good fucker and make me cum so many time. nice session wif him

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys , dun be so JEALOUS about me !

Max said...

Hi guys here , please dun be too Jealous of me ! Have Fun for your weekend !

mark said...


June, is that your favorite position? Sounds like it might be! It definitely got ME fired up. I went and fucked my girl the same way this afternoon, and she moaned just like that!!

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Can I know u? I'm new to your blog and I keep visiting your blog, keep reading and looking at those picture, and ur moans. That's seducing.
Can you add me?
I just wanna fuck the hell out of you. I really do.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your first time anal!

JL said...

finally Max had leave the comment everyone had jealous abut him.

Vince u r welcome to know me send me email

This is not anal sex is doggie


Anonymous said...

Hi June,

I don't know why I could not sent any e-mail to you from my gmail.

Can you e-mail me at

Please. Will wait for your mail. Thanks


Anonymous said...

the sound moan really can get guy sexuality more higher, i like when gal moan very loud but sometimes ever my neighbor will heard it. LOL

Anonymous said...

why are you so obsessed with dicks. are you sexually deprived. you've got no life at all. you're a cheap slut. _|_

JL said...

Anonymous: cheap slut, what ever u wan to say, u r jearlous of me. even like u, no ball to put in yr name........In the world who dun like sex, unless u r........ or......


Reactionlover said...


Would you like to have fun with me. you moan makes me crazy, trigger my whole body to pump you up.

k3lvin123 said...

wow seems like u really enjoy it. when do i get the pleasure to hear it audio?

master said...

wow i miss the moaning it's so real and good

nazriz said...

i like u sound.......

nazriz said...

i like u sound.......