Saturday, September 26, 2009

"" What do you like to see 1st""

Hey Guy i know been posting too many horny stuff , now is the time to cool down a bit..... Let do some survey on what guy like to see.

Was sitting at Bugis just now , looking of many sexy gal walking around. For an eye of guy , what do you see when a girl walk pass u?

1) Face

2) Body

3) Boobs

4) Butt

5) Height

6) Hair

Put your answer in the poll.

P/s for me height is the most important (esp those over 1.75) , 2nd is the body


Anonymous said...

you should also include the boobs cos its every man's fantasy to watch a pair of nice tits,

JL said...

Thks, may i know yr name?


non existence said...

love the hair~ must be the most sexy thing around

greeny said...

for me its boobs, body, face, butt

tat guy said...

i think u got a yummy tits n butt =)

Buttlover said...

I should say first glance @ butt.. followed by boobs ...I'm a butt lover...cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi jl,

for me, surely...body, face, boobs, height, butt, hair.


Anonymous said...

Dear JL,

Seductive Lip N Big Firm Breast.

Stay Healthy

Fun said...

Hi June..

Smile and Charisma .. haha..

Anyway you manage to get my emails ?

have fun !

Anonymous said...

leg =)

henry said...

show ur whole body plus face!

Jun said...

1. face
2. hair
3. shoulders

dood guy said...

face...esp eyes and mouthxiwang

Jack said...


anaken said...

body ! cause body is including everything.

Anonymous said...

pls support

thank you.

Mark said...

It's hard to say because it varies depending on how a woman carries herself. I think I notice the overall appearance first before I start noticing her face, boobs, butt, or hair. Since I am tall, I DO take notice of tall women. I also take notice of women that are fit and have nicely toned bodies.

Anonymous said...

u miss out the leg! (:

incomplete said...

The first thing I notice the way a woman carries herself is when she's walking...hence the legs.

Since that wasn't in the options, I'd settle for hair. I love to run my fingers though long silky hair whilst enjoying the sweet aroma.

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Would be boobies > butt > g-string lines or camel toe ( if lucky ), face > eyes > lips and last but not least... the pair of legs..





Anonymous said...

For me, I like to see thir pussy.

Sometime you can see their skirt stick to their pussy....yummy.

Or when tell walk against the wind & the pussy shape can be clearly seen.