Tuesday, October 27, 2009

00 Do you shoot far when you ejaculate00

Guy you can shoot how far? haha Tell me more, very interested to know



RootI3eer said...

Hmmm....I remembered once when I needed to use withdrawal method as ran out of condom, from a missionary position my cum hit my partner's face when she least expected it...lol.

JL said...

Haha that is nice one, one of the guy when we sex he shoot to the wall haha.

Nice to see u everytime give comments


Jack said...

It depends actually. If I'm all hyped up with the foreplay and sex, I'll shoot real far!

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Sexy Kinky sis June,

You know I'm still trying to "shoot" but can't.
How far can you shoot sis June?

Kisses & Hugs,
-sis Amy

Victor said...

Hmm, never really measured how far I can shoot, but I'm pretty sure I can shoot really far as I observe when I diy.
Sometimes when I diy in the bathroom I like to shoot to the wall as well, quite an interesting thing to do =)

Anonymous said...

hi June, love leg../:) as for shooting how far, nvr go measure but i guess at least 2 ft the last time i diy


3 or 4 feet in the air!

tomdicken-@yahoo.com said...

how 'far' is far?
how 'far' is short?
u measure in terms of feet? meter?

i showed u my video rem?

adam said...

i was once shoot till my partner face when i withdraw from missionary position...

Jun said...
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kypdurron said...

depends how long since I masturbated. if 1 week didnt cum then sometimes can shoot 3-4 feet away.

but also sometimes if its hot and my gf pcc for me can shoot till it flies over her shoulder. quite funny

Anonymous said...

hmmm, from missionary withdrawal hit my gfs hair

Ken said...

I remember one time.. I was fucking my gf damn hard... then she asked me to shoot on her tits... I pull out.. and ended up hitting the wall that was almost 2 m away! I totally did not expect it!

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

For me would also depends on when i had my last ejaculation... the longer when i last had my ejaculations, to more sperm loads i would have, more sperm loads will determine the distance and trajectory from how i shoot my loads.. if i squeeze my dick head with correct pressure and angle.. i may be able to shoot far... but i prefer to shoot short with more sperm loads.. love landing my sperm armies inside a women's cunt and face.. ;p



Kisses from Slave said...

I can shoot very far...like a good slave! :)
I love you in pink!
You dont wanna know how far away i shoot it last night...watching your night wear ! :D