Saturday, November 14, 2009

00 Genting 00

Post too many hot hot stuff, is time to cool down a bit, 2 pictures i took from Genting (day n Night). Nice weather over genting, good for fucking.


mikelle said...

Hello friend, have a nice weekend :)

willy_devilz said...

did u had sex at genting , d weather really made us horny

Victor said...

Genting is a good place, guess you had a great time and some exciting fucking there?

Anonymous said...

oh yes, especially doing doggies in front of the windows looking at the mountains....did u tried that?


Anonymous said...


Nice shot...i know its a great time there, glad u able to meet up wit take care..


Anonymous said...

Dear June,

Yes, its a nice place to go with your loved ones or kinky partner, enjoy the coolness, scenary, be just naked and hugging each other tightly to share the body warmth... thats a very nice feeling indeed..



RootI3eer said...

Hey, I guess you owe us all a nice long juicy, erotic, pornographic and orgasmic story about your trip... :P

Anonymous said...

hey (this is not for publication) I was really glad t meet u up and appreciate your time.

flyboy wished you a happy trip but somehow the stupid gmail box cannot sent out mail anymore....

been ringing u but somehow u missed picking up my calls....

really hope got chance to call u again


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