Friday, November 6, 2009

00 June in white Singlet 00

Do you like my white singlet? Me is going to genting for holiday this sunday , hope when i am
back can post more nice picture for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi June..

Wow.. ( biting finger )
This set of pictures has your nipples very prominent!!
Ones can only drool over it
and envy those lustrous tits of urs... Keep it up with more great posts!!

2 thumbs up!!

Im sure all of us will miss you dearly while you are away...



Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Sexy Kinky Hot sis June,

Nice tits, very nice tits O_O.

Kisses & Hugs,
-sis Amy


Love you in the white tee.. nice nipples showing through

Mark said...

mmmmmm....LOVE it June!!!

Hope you have a fun weekend!


spidey said...

hey june i hope the will be more nice pics from u when u come back, can't wait to see it, have a fun weekend!!! :)

whiteboy said...

Always love a shirt where the nipples are prominently displayed. You are a very beautiful woman! Did you like my pics that I sent you?

Anonymous said...

sexy june,
you are bad!!! making me horny like a crazy horse...too sexy and too hot!!!

cephas said...

It would be even better if it was a wet t-shirt which you are putting on.

JL said...

Dook: thks for everthing u done, u know wat i mean :)

Dear Sexy sis Amy: U also have nice tits.

Mark and NW: Thanks

Mr. Horse: run a bit faster la, u can catch June

Cephas: is a bit hard to take the pic, wont u wan to do tat for me hehe


dood guy said...

oh my june...

dark snow said...


how i wish....

Anonymous said...

June Sexy,
I wish I could catch you up...
now mad like crazy horse after coming to your blog!!!

Howz genting? Won some money? Me and My friends got a formula in roulette, not 100% sure win but 10 out of 8 we won with small money; like each round won 2k in malaysia ringgit...when losing, we lose around 3k each round...overall still winning..

but...winning genting's money is not excite me, HOT June Sexy hot as hell and this excite me more than winning genting's money!!!

I am 180cm height, weight around 85kg...moderate looking guy with spec on, 30's in age... Hopefully, oneday can enjoy the sex with you HOT JUNE Sexy!!! And...listening to your wild wild wild moaning sound while banging you like a mad horse!!! that's my dream...Hopefully dream can come true oneday!!!


kypdurron said...

this is too much for me June!
this will definitely be my pcc material for tonight.

cephas said...

June: Lol, I do not mind shooting the photo of you with a wet t-shirt. Let me know if you want to.

RootI3eer said...

As usual, you take pleasure in teasing the many horny fans/readers of your blog... :P

Hope you have a "f@@king good" holiday...must share your stories and pics when come back ok.... :P

Add said...

Enjoy your trip June??
Hope you did. =)
same thing thumbs up for your pics again, love seeing you wearing white..hehe..
Hope you do take some nice pics in genting too to share with us =)

Anonymous said...

can i have your phone number?