Friday, November 20, 2009

00 Sexy Picture & Video 00

Guy, nice picture and video for your weekend (please adjust yr voloum to the max)


Reactionlover said...

slow, skillful and powerful vacuum skill

Mark said...

As always, thank you for sharing, June. The first picture I am wondering what you are thinking. I notice your full lips, your nice long hair, and 2 beautiful necklaces.

The second picture is interesting composition, though I'm not really into extreme bodybuilder physiques.

The videos? mmmmmmmmmm....wishing it was me that you were sucking!!!

JL said...


Thks for yr comment, i always like to give reader a fresh new thing and great to like my sucking is a powerful one haha.

Reactionlove: yes is powerful vacuum suck


dark snow said...

that is surely a great suck...

i like the first pic...absolutely sexy...shows that one need not to show skin to be stunningly sexy..

whiteboy said...

Love your oral skills, June. You are very accomplished! Wish I could receive a personal demonstration ;-)

Victor said...

Hey June,

The picture is indeed very sexy, and the videos are good for DIY. I like the way you suck that cock.

Someone said...

That's a good suction action you got there. But the picture is not really that clear. It sounds nice... wish you were sucking my dick...hahahaha...

anaken said...

when is my turn ?

darkness said...

hi june

1st i want to say you are beautiful lady . where all guys want . june a very nice lady of you . nice video and picture of yours . hopefully one day i be inside too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Once again.. u leaving us all high and dry... Well wet in certain senses... :)

Fantastic video as well... good for fantasizing... Also more inspiration when writing bedtime stories... ;p



sadlonelyguyer said...

telll me how to have a great weekend.
when u all saw the dicks are not yours

Anonymous said...

Hello I am Tim

Nice posts. Keep up the good work!

I am here to inform Amy
[ hot wife Amy ] that I had been blocked. The filter had extensively block almost all the blogs I had visited. I am sorry, that I could not continue on my weekly analysis. As long as this site is open, I will be here but not for long.

Sincere Apologies, Tim.

Anonymous said...

june, bet you dedicated that video to me right? ;)

don't forget what you owe me ;) hee

-mark koh

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Sexy Power-Vac sis June,

The vac popping sound is very sexy. Someday let's suck together.

Pleas tell Tim to send me email at

-sis Amy

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dood guy said...

dahling june,

i love the thumping sound. with every beat of the thumping echoes, i found myself raise a notch. good suctions, do i get it too?

thirunavukk27 said...

You are Cute & Beautiful Leady & Nice Videos.Ya!