Friday, December 4, 2009

00 Story to be continue...... 00


We meet up in a hotel, closed the door and start kissing passionately. French kiss and tongue kiss, go down to your neck and earlobe till u moan, i undress u and u undress me till both of us
are naked.............................................

1) From Dook-
guide you into the bathroom, u face the mirror and i spread your legs apart and start kissing and licking you from your neck, back, shoulder, waist, butt and spread your butt cheeks and lick your anal... i reach deeper and start tougue fucking your cunt... u flow your cunt juice on my face and drips down your inner thigh.. u moan as i lick u... u arch your head back... i stood up and guide your hand onto my hardon and you rub, i continue kissing you.. then i slowly insert my 6" into you... u moan louder... and i start pumpin you from behind in standing position... the harder i pump, the more i squeeze your breast and fondles your nipple... thrusting gets faster and harder... eventually i cum inside you... both of us are in estacy... you turn around and kneel and place my ejaculated cock inside your mouth and gave me a bj for another 5 mins.. we kiss and hug after that....

2) From Alohaguy
we feel each others soft skin holding and kissing each other. I pin you to the front door and put one of you legs up on the wall exposing your wet cunt. as i run my cock between your legs I kiss you passionatly kissing and sucking you neck making a nice juicy purple Hiki on your neck to mark my territiory as my honry hard cock rubs your cunts outer lips we pres our bodies together feeling you hard nipple agaisnt my chest i whisper into your ear Jun I want to make love to you, i want to bond as one with you, i want to connect with you. i want to feel you wrap your wet horny dripping cunt around my stiff cock. I want to feel your inner walls of love. I want to make you a woman. as i rub my cock against you clit kissing you and pushing you harder against the front door to your hotel. you leg still on the wall as you tell me to put my cock in you NOW! please make love to me. please. as you guide my cock slowly into your wet cunt. i as you jun do you want to be fucked.. you just moan as i ask you jun do you want to be fucked... you moan again and i go only half way. jun do you want me to fuck u.. you moan again as i tease you your trying to get me in deeper. you maon deeper your fuckin ass hole. fuck me please make love to me please. make me cum you fucking bastard you tell me. as i ram my cock deep into you and go faster adn faster, while you hit teh door making loud sounds. i tell you cum jun. cum baby... was you scream and feel your cunt tense around my cock yohold me thight as i prob deep into you giving you every inch. i now make love to you nice and slow. i tell you i want to plant my seeds of love into you. i want to fertalize your eggs and make you a woman. you than tell me to yes baby show me what love is. so you what love is. please erupt in you. please cum in me.. as i feel my cock start to twitch i erupt deeply inside of you panting part of me deeply into you pushing deep holding you tights kissign you all over i dont waste a drop as all my love is in you. i hold you tight as i push in and out again as we can hear the sloshing of my cum in you pussy uzing and i go faster maing you scream as we can hear people in the hall way as we knwo they can hear us. i carry you now to the bed and make you ride me.. i tell you yes babay make sure you get every drop in you. make me cum in you more. Jun i love you baby. work that cunt. as i pinch your nipples and you ride me like a hourse and we both cum together as i shoot morelove into you filling you up making sure to fertalize your eggs..

3) From Sis Amy
It was my BF that went into the hotel room with you. I have finally convinced both of you to have a nice session while I watched.
It was a very lovely session and you both had multiple orgasms and he entered all three lovely holes of yours. You also gave him a very deep throat BJ.
Finally you invited me to join. I was so dripping wet that I came in no time.
My poor BF, he was so used after serving both of us - six holes all together.
I think we should do this more often. Bring all your BFs next time.

4) From Someone - Please continue 
We went into the bathroom onto the bathtub which is already filled with water. There more kisses and tongue fight and then you lie on top of me in a spooning position in the tub. You turn your head back and while we were frenching, my hands are caressing your boobs and soft smooth skin. Roaming your abs, and then fingering your love hole. I made you came a few times and then you went on all fours and I doggie you. Then when I am going to come, you turn over and let me shot them into your mouth...Next we clean ourselves and went to the bed... Round 2....


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Sexy Hot sis June,


-sis Amy

Someone said...

Round we went to the bed, then assume our favorite position 69,
There I suck and finger you until you came again and again, well I just shot once, so you were just sucking my dick like an ice-cream. Then ever so slowly, we then move to our next favorite position the cradle (, my dick was hard your pussy was tight and we fuck like no tomorrow, you were moaning the house down... finally exhausted, we fuck to sleep in side to side.... (

That's all. Those were my fav. positions, what's yours?
How do you find my story?
100% fiction.

alohaguy said...

round 2 hunny!

AS we feel asleep in each others arms naked skin to skin. I awakin early in the morning with my cock pressing agaisnt you ass. I start to rub my cock on your ass as i reach over and rub your nipples and they get hard and stiff really easy while your sleeping. I kiss your neck right below your ear and as i press myself against you feeling you warm soft silky skin. i suck on your neck making anouther love bite. as you awaken slowly as i keep rubbing you nippples. you now position your self so that your back is still facing me but my cock is now at the enterance of your wet cum dripping cunt. you cunt is still filled with my love as i pish slowly into you. Your pussy feels so so good relaxing and mines! i make love to you laying on the side from the back. i moan yor name jun oh jun.. as my cock goes deeply into your wet hole. i kiss your ear lobes and whisper to you just you want more of my juices inside of you. as you say yes baby fill my horny wet cunt with all your love. make start going harer and deeper as i rub your clit. im so horny im making another hiki on your neck .. i feel you tense up as yo cum... you start squirming moaning uh yes ih yes cum in me. as you send me over teh edge my last thrust in deep in you sending my seeds deeply in you as i hold you tight and kiss you passionly. we both fall asleep again with out cleaning up nor takingmy cock out of you well seeded cunt filled with my love!


I love Amy's story!!

Kisses from Slave said...

I miss you my dear!