Saturday, February 6, 2010

00 Thanks 00

Thanks for those are sending email to me, been receive lots of respond for volunter for the picture taken.

After new year then i will set a requirment, those are sending me eamil i will send back a form for you to fill in. Maybe i need a dick picture with attached.

HAHA sound like is a ""resume"".

I am very happy lots of reader had give me support from singpaore , from other countries.

Hope i can get it done before my birthday (before June)

Love and Hug


Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Haha. it will definitely be done before your birthday. So many volunteer already .


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Sexy Hot Dick Loving sis June,

I can't wait to see all your dicks lined up at your service. Make sure you suck them all, you hear?

-Whore sis Amy

alohaguy said...

jUNE CAN i join the list is> your are never on yahoo anymore? I miss you

Prince said...

so i jus send u an email wit the picture?

Add said...

Hope to get your form soon JL!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Been sometime since I last chatted with you. Do drop me a mail ok?


darkness said...

hi june . its been so long i contacted you . my com was down . i feel bad didnt contact you once my com up i contact you like now . i miss june man . how you ?

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

Hi been sometime since we last chat, hope to hear from u soon..i hope to receive ur form..
do take care..
Gong xi fai cai..


Anonymous said...

hey june =)

im a new follower, was wondering if i could send you my resume? =p =p



Anonymous said...

is your mother was a prostitute correct?

Anonymous said...

ok..i will join in..

send my pic...

Anonymous said...

With the dick pics is iy only the dick? I need to be careful with identity and would like to remain anonymous, for work reasons etc. Hope to hear from you soon as I like the idea and I think you will be suprised at what I have to offer ;)