Tuesday, March 9, 2010

00 Guy in white brief and June new look00

I like guy wear white brief like the picture i post, is very turn on me.
Trying to edit a BJ video will be posting very soon, sorry for the late update cos busy on work.
Love, Kiss and Hug


skippy said...

i am wondering what is the requirement to be your fb, sexy june.
i hope i can be your slut just for one time would satisfy me :)

Victor said...

The picture is sexy as usual. Can't wait for your BJ video, it must be HOT.

Jun said...

yes! cant wait!

Jo said...

Hi June

I love to see the tip of your boyfriends uncut cock poke out of his sexy white briefs. My, it is a nice packet waiting to be revealed. Is there any chance that you can share that cock with me sometime?

I do travel to Singapore every now and then.

Anonymous said...

dear june when will u online again hope to chat with u

Jas Chia said...

hey Jo,

How come u onli interested in him?? wat bout oth guys in this blog?? ;)

JL said...


Requirement: can fuck well. hehe

Victor & Jun

Will post soon

Jo: send an email to me myfun29@yahoo.com.sg

Someone said...

Hi June,
good to see you back. Please post more photos and videos....

Regarding your requirement, only can fuck well enough for you?

jaynes submissive diary.com said...

Oh yes,

Luv the guy in his white pants. Nice lunchbox!


buyer86 said...

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