Thursday, June 24, 2010

00 Poll Results for Guy do u Moan 00

Total : 221 vote

Guy Moan Yes : 188 - 85%

No: 33 - 14%

Why the 14% dun moan? Not horny enough for u to moan out, dun hide your feeling. I feel guy moan is very SEXY..... hehe

*****MOAN OUT LOUD****** just for JL

Love and Hug


Add said...

i am sure u can make all the guys here moan for you JL. ;)

ming said...

can we make love together? Hmmmm.

Lover said...

oooooh... oooooorgh.. yeeeaaaa...

love you, June..

Anonymous said...

moan loud esp when coming to cum

Rockdude said...

wanna try my moan?