Saturday, July 17, 2010

00 Thanks 00

Dear All my reader

Hope everyone have a nice weekend and enjoy all your fucking around the world? I hope everyone had enjoy because the weather is cold today.................

Very happy to see my followers nearly hit 600. I feel sorry cos too busy on work and really cant reply my daily email. I can see there are difference age range visit my blog. From 19-40, very very thank you for your support.

Be a blogger, sometime is very hard for us to find a nice video, picture to post, but JL wil try my best to give all my lovely reader my best thing.

Love and Hug


fasha comeback again said...

hey how are you, I am very happy to be back again in your blog ;)

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please read the article on my blog, and I am very happy if you give the stolen some comments about the experience of your love story with your soul mate ^_^

if you do not follow my blog, please follow my blog,THANKS, LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

no problem, we just continue masturbating or fucking while we wait


Chris said...

where your updates i waiting very long !!! i stay in singapore too . can i know you i have much more things hidden to show =P

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Dante d'Amore said...

it was nice following you for a while

good luck in the future & maybe i'll come back again one day

chris said...

june i never see you update ? very long you need a guy izzit ? i can help you update :) contact me :) trust me

Anonymous said...


Like your blog.
Do you enjoy role play, we can try some time if you are willing. I like nurse and patient best....
see this and u will know what I mean.......oh, is hard again.

Anonymous said...

are u a full time private tutor in Maths? pls teach me