Saturday, January 15, 2011

00 Answer 00

All my reader is very clever. yes, A pic is me ,B is Cassy. Hope everyone can enjoy the pic we post @ same time.

Btw, some reader requested to post my new moan video, hmmmm will try to do on next week if i not busy.

Thanks for all my lovely and horny reader supporting me :)

Happy Chinese New Year............... Let Moan together

Love and Hug



MS said...

How about i make you moan?

JL said...


Hehe how leh?

Love and Hug

secrets said...


i want make you scream !!! =D

MS said...

You the boss JL, you name it I'll do it! So, whats ur call?

andy said...


i wish to hav a session wif u n hav u cum on my face. will i get a chance?

angdaoni said...

y dun we guess pussy next??

dark snow said...

haha can i request for blowjob then?