Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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I am very happy those reader had leave their comments and will be very helpful for those people just want to know something further.

Thanks for the all reader give me wishes on my birthday.

I had a question for the reader to help out, kindly give me the best solution to help one of the friend here. Good thing we had share, but if someone need help , we should help him, let him also can enjoy the fun.

If a guy had DIY for the past 3yrs and lately find out he wan to have real sex session, didnt work out so good (dick not hard enough). Is because of his DIY too much? when he diy no prob is grow and har. I hope your guy over here can help him or someone had some similar case also can share here.


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Analysis -

People, guys or gals, DIY with some "help". For me, a gal, I imagine having sex with someone cute or imagine some good sessions I had before and always imagining some guy is doing me. For guys, they typically use porn to aid their imaginations. Or they might imagine the cute neighbor that won't go out with him.

Bottom line -

People DYI with "imaginations".

Your friend's problem -

Three years of DIY and now couldn't quite stiff it up with a real girl.
When your friend "imagine" during DIY the only limit is his ability to imagine. With real girl - it is sometimes hard to beat his imaginations.


Your friend need to have more "excitements" to stimulate him. For example, his real girl can dress up like a whore or even better behave like one. The real girl can talk dirty and do a lot of fore plays. Try to limit porn watching, coz that caused him to be desensitized towards women in the first place.

Warning -

My theory is based solely on my personal experiences and is only good for your reference. Get help from a professional. Although I'm not sure if any one can really be qualified to give advice.

Conclusion -

Try different things and see what works for your friend.

Don't take this seriously -

If I can spend a few hours with him, I'm pretty sure I can get him up, way up. I have people do three cum shots in me and still leave my place - stiff!

-Hot Wife Amy

JL said...

Dear Amy

Thks very much for yr comments solution and warning...
Hope will help him UP and he can enjoy sex life, something is too much DIY make him like just eject and finished. Is diff when he touch a real ger then make him so excited.

Well your blog is quite interesting also, and u really had a marathon , so after tat are u feel tired?


Anonymous said...

how old is ur fren??how many times he DIY a day for de lst 3yrs??if too much of DIY it reli wil effect sex life fren once tel me his fren diy at least 5 or more time a day now tat guy is having lots of problem nw...i tink its better ask ur fren go 4 a check up as doc wil b more pro towards tis :)


JL said...


he is 36yo, not very sure how many time, thk got abu 2x per day, but use to do it at nite.

Thks for yr comments


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear June,

First, I admire your boobs. You should show them off. I'm sure your male readers would appreciate that. Even for me, a gal, would like to see more of your nice pair.

I also want to thank you for your complements of my blog. Actually, according to my statCounter, you sent quite a few of your readers to me. Thank you.

Your question of my marathon, well, my adrenaline is so high I never felt tired while doing it. But afterwards, yeah, I really needed the sleep. But I'm a woman of high libido so I really loved the marathon sessions. And I thank my BF for keeping me happy.


Anonymous said...

Hi June,
Based on my experience..masturbate is not same as real sex. No matter how many time u DIY. It will not affect the cock.
I think the main reason why the cock can't hard. Is that he is not ready for a relationship and the girl just..not his "Cup of Tea".

Maybe I'm wrong but, unless that girl is not his type. There should be no reason why his cock cant hard due to DIY.

Before I forget. Maybe it is due to his health problem of physical and mentally.

My suggestion is that, your friend start to shape up his health by monitoring this diet, make sure have enough sleep, reduce in smoking and off course start exercising.

Above is only my opinion...follow at your own risk..haha..


dark snow said...


actually, most probably its psychology...but nevermind one...try more, be patient, and stop diy...the girl can reli help by giving more encouragement, like giving more love and understanding smile...

that should do the trick for most guys...

JL said...

dark snow

thks for yr comments, i will tell him tat, u r so sweet.....


JL said...


Thks for yr comments. the ger shd be his "CUP" of tea la... maybe he is too excited and after so many years... for yr infomation, he dun smoke, do exercise regulary..... hehe i dunno wat is the prob leh......


Anonymous said...


because he masturbate for so long, think he already know quite well of which part of his can make himself sensitive and this is not something the girl will know except she is his partner for some time
so i suggest him to communicate more with his partner, share how they feel when having sex then from there slowly improve
cause i also once masturbate for long time but i have no problem in sex with my partner


JL said...


Thks for yr comments hope tat all the comments will help him eto WAKE UP he he


zueslife said...

from my point of view....
mayb he is juz too excited or too nervous...
or he is in some kind of pressure cuz he is having sex after along time..
ntg to do with diy if dis is d prob...
he DIY too much dat he isnt able to control his dick with sex but instead he control his dick with his hands already...

JL said...


yes u got the point also, thks he is too excited or nervour......
hope that all the reader gv the comments can help his BRO to STAND UP, normaly hehe


Flower Boy said...

I think its a matter of him being unnecessarily nervous, panic and mostly about psychological problems that may affect his confidence. Perhaps is fear that he cant satisfy the gal or maybe him being judged by his sex performance by his partner and doesn't relax enough. He should be more confident instead, i dont think its a physical health issue. Try stimulating not only the senses but also invigorate in sensual mysterious ambient by simply switch off the lights and enjoy each other! Foreplay is the key to his problem and the gal has to initiate several attempts to make him UP!

donkie75 said...

yes to much of diy for guys it not good it will not be hard at times...tell him not to diy too much :)

JL said...


Ya i thi so, but wad to do, past three years no gf ma........


Anonymous said...

hi June

how is ur fren now??is he standing hard enuf now??^^