Friday, July 3, 2009

[[[TuRn On ]]]

What can turn on YOU?

Some say short-skirt, lacy bra, bikini, lingerie, t-shirt without bra, sexy stocking, high-heeled etc...........

For me, more turn on me is the guy must be tall (over 1.75, but not so skinny) and shaved dick.
I like guy with specticle, look more smart.....

How abu u?


Anonymous said...

Have been following your blog and really interesting.
There are few things that turns me on and definitely the looks. Doesn't have to look beautiful. Most of the time just a simple lady with nice body would really make my head turn.
Another thing is the outfit. A bit of cleavage showing, a nice short skirt or a long skirt with a long slit on the side. Don't need to have big boobs to turn me on, just enough for my grasp. And most of all the smell. There are certain smell that really turns me on.


JL said...


Tks for supporting my blog as i alway believe lots of ppl like to share their experience and i can lets the other reader happy and learning why not. For me guy average look for me is okay, haha nowaday eat so well, some of our body can grow vry well ...... mmmmm.i noe wat u mean by certain smell but definetly not the aimpit smell la.... lor, anyway, having a nice weekend and ENJOY yr sex life