Friday, July 24, 2009


Which kind or condom d u like?

How u feeling when having sex with or without condom? Well with condom is safe,
i know lots of guy dun like to use, is safe when both parties involve.

I prefer OKOMOTO is ultra thin, hmmmmm is nice.

Do you have any interesting about the condom story, share with me.

Love: June


Anonymous said...

Hi JL,
Hmm...seldom use cos usally oni sex with gf :-(. those times i have use i had only tried durex before (close fit, fetherlite, extra safe, tingle etc).

with condom not so shiok la. foreplay high liao..need to pause, tear open the wrappers, put it on, sometimes sala side, redo haha. kinda spoil the mood. also tends to get dry after going at it for too long...

but safety first! FB or commercial sex...muz wear ya.

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear sis June,

I always say skin is better than latex. So i don't do ONS. My BF gets all my FBs tested periodically. A lot of work. Latex friction is different than skin. My pussy won't last this long with latex.


Jack said...

Raw is war! But still, safety speaks louder than cure. Or should it be prevention?

My choice will be the same as yours - Okomoto 003.

David said...

My partner preferred Durex Featherlite. She said its the thinnest, closest to wearing nothing.

I preferred it too, but I love the ones with Mint scent which gives that tingling sensation... :)

My first was with Durex Extra Safe Condom.

Anonymous said...

Hi June,
My first was with Durex Extra Safe Condom also.. but now mostly sing featherlite..:)


Anonymous said...

Hi JL,

Love the 003 series from Oktomoto. Feels almost like nothing! Also like the performa from durex.. whenever about to cum, will change to that so will last longer.. hee.

mark koh,

Icey said...

Aww june... nice photo u put on the disply.. i love it.. mind to exchange some with me? add me on msn


linnah said...

Hi JL,

i would love to try the strawberry one on you

Man From Saturn said...

i prefer Durex Featherlite too

lily said...

harlo...nice to meet you..
me is enjoy to c ur blog..
keep in touch o...hope can chat more with u...
when u free.can come my blog to leave a comment to me to find me chat..coz i gt a nice things to giv u..^^
stay happy ya...^^

Anonymous said...

Hi JL,

Lol u know condoms are like a turn on for me cause its a reminder for me to have sex. Was out with my gf last time, we saw condom and bought it on the spot and went nearby hotel to do it. lol too hot la. Wanna email? =)

mark koh,

KlJl said...

wearing a condom or not have their own "feelings". Some prefer to,some prefer not.

it cant be compared. for me,if the partnet dosent mind about it,then it,then its fine. but if she wants to,protection is the cure.


acid said...

Hmmmm i don't like to wear it but i enjoy the feeling of cumming inside the pussy and i enjoy the woman moaning load to the warm cum shot even in the condom. So i don't mind wearing one.

And YEs OKOMOTO 0.02 RULEZ......... If the woman want extra shiokness try the rippel type YEA....... Thinking about it make me stand....

Ryan said...

I dun use condom with my exs, will do raw instead.
For one night or meet up, will use normal condom cos for safety purposes. June, I wonder if u never use any condom at some situations? haha

Randy said...

I like the Trojan Climax Control. It definitely has that effect. With those (and Viagra, I admit it), we can go as long as she wants. Sometimes, I just stop from exhaustion (without cumming). That way, we can resume again when she wants it. My gf is very fit, so our times together are a real workout!

Coke_lover said...

Prefers featherlite, 003 is tight and pressing, can't have a good erection to have good sex.