Saturday, July 25, 2009

()()() Why Guy Like Morning Sex ()()()


Many guy like Morning Sex, after sleep, more enegry and fresh.

I like in the morning, hug your partner from the behind, folding her breast, playing with her tits, give her a warm tight hugging and start rubbing and slowing insert your dick into her.

Night time will be romantic time to having sex, the light, the bed, making your whole day forget about everything,just to enjoy the time.

Guy and Gal, do u like that?


lily said... stil virgin..
so dunno yet..haha
but i think it really will feel happiness ba..^^

JL said...


welcome to my blog.

I leave some note on yr blog, contact me

lily said...

erm..JL r u still on9 ther??

Anonymous said...

u wanna chat too? can add my msn too?

David said...

Yes, morning sex is great way to start the day, feeling refreshing after that. And night sex is a good way to end the day. Sleep after a good-nite workout. :P

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear sis June,

I notice your hand is now touching your nice plump boob. So sexy.

In today's post you described what I call the 77 position. I love that with my BF. And we usually sleep that way. He normally managed to stay stiff inside me most of the night - amazing and amazingly comfy to sleep with our genitals touching like that.

Nice post.

Nice new layout.

Excellent new pic of your sexy self.

-sis Amy

JL said...

Dear Sis Amy

Yes 77 i love tat also, i change the classis layout, look more sexy and class.

Hope can improve more. trying to
doin the whole afternoon.

Love u

Mylia said...

urghhh!!! my boy tried to finger fuck me :( ( according to ur jun entry) I dont like it :( *upset*

zayne00 said...

nice pix dear.

MArki said...

personally i like it in the morning because when i wake up i normally get a hard on. my partner then will get super turn on by it as well.

bitterdreams said...


maybe morning is the best time for sex as it both parties had enough rest..but i not sure leh, cos nvr try b4, haha.

Anonymous said...

deadboyh said...

^^i LoVe morning^^

cos the gal look so cute when they are half a wake n the sound they make is dam sexy^^

any gal wan to chat add me in msn^^

Anonymous said...

Hi JL,

If I have a partner, morning will always be the best time to make love. But of course if we can make it the whole day much better, but the morning gives you a different sensation.


wei said...


I think morning sex is when guy dick get the hardest when guy just wake up. is normal when guy dick get hard in every morning, so tat y guy like sex in the morning.

i like sex all time when it get horny.


Anonymous said...

Flyboy prefer nite time...morning flyboy do the first thing is Big 1 in toilet so not in the mood

then throughout the day, read porn, imagine, work t the desire in partner then fuck and sleep...

morning time, cock just woke up, less sensitive but then last longer.

but once I had the best orgasm just after woke up, when I cum in missionery position and pull out and press cock against thigh of partner....the pressure on cock as I!

Anonymous said...

oh, by the way, love the new profile pix, kisses from flyboy

acid said...

Anytime of the day is GOOD to a sex Fiend like me. But if you talk about romantic stuff than. After a great dinner and stroll and after a relaxing warm bath after that get the ball rolling. Morning time is great when you hug the gal from the back flipping her nipples and nibbling on the neck. Push the dicky btw the gal leg and rub against her pussy. Get her all moist and wet before entering her slowly........

Richard said...

At night there is no rush. Have plenty of time to enjoy sex. morning and day, have to rush, not as much loving as night.