Saturday, October 10, 2009

00 CUM 00

Do you like to see ger CUM more?

What is the higher times you make your ger cum in one session (let say 2hrs)?

My record is 10 over times in a session, that is a good one and i really enjoy very much.

If you want to fuck, make sure you are good fucker and can let ger cum and cum. Your partner will love you very much.



Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Sexy Cum-Queen sis June,

Your bed is soooooooooooo wet...
10 cum in one session - good fuck!!!!

Kisses & Hugs,
-sis Amy

Anonymous said...

A man must have clean fingers when fingering. Take your time to explore and watch closely the ger reaction.Enjoy the fingering as much as the ger. Lubricate if you need to.A lick together with the fingers will send her to estacy.

Victor said...

To me sex is only enjoyable when both parties enjoy themselves, so I feel it's important to let girls cum a few times before men cum. That will also give me a greater sense of satisfaction.

dark snow said...

my gal cum once, normally got so tired she went to sleep immediately..

she said after cum will get very ticklish, cant take a second one..

maybe i m not gud enuf?

Jas Chia said...

well, from my experience, dun let any ger go without making her cum at least 5x n more..tat will make her addicted to u!!! haha!!!

I just had a ger who came 18x for a 2hr session last nite n wet the hotel bed!!! hehe..

Anonymous said...


hmmm would like to see how you finger yourself then. haha might be a good "tutorial" for newbies out there. ;)

Anonymous said...

fantastic puddle, my goodness, u really enjoy your sexuality to the fullest, in body and mind

usually one - 3 times

no kidding but once I made a woman i loved cum 15 times in 3 hours


DK said...

of course man like to c ger cum...its a show of 'power' in a way...good technique is all a guy need...just be gentle n patient, understand where is d 'special' spots of the ger...cum in no time, many many times

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

When i make a women cum.. most of them or rather all of them said they lost count.... so... ;p



anaken said...

i think is depends on the gal, i tried 8 times she cum in 3 hour, but also tried 2 times in 1 hour with different gal.

Anonymous said...

Highest record - made my gal more than 20 times in 2 hrs. But as the saying goes, it's the quality, not quantity ;)

I am multi-orgamic, means I can cum without ejaculating, so I can make my gals cum as many times as they want. But usually, many opt for less than 7-8 times ;)

coach_sex at yahoo dot com dot sg

RootI3eer said...

Wow...either your partner is a sex machine or you are super horny at that time... :P

Or both...Lol.

I always tried my best to let my partner cum more but sometimes the body is weaker than the mind... :P

Coke_lover said...

I made temptress cum more than 10 times too but not sure exact number of times, should be 14, or 15. Then again, other than my excellent cunnilingus skill, she can multi orgasm alot!