Saturday, October 3, 2009

00 Poll Result 00

What will you like to see 1st

Poll result of 235

1) Face - 139 - 59%
2) Boob - 112 - 47%
3) Body - 85 - 36%
4) Butt - 68 - 28%
5) Hair - 34 - 14%
6) Height - 33 -14%

So i can see face is still very important to guy, 2nd is the boob, ya who like to see a flat airport, body, yes is important too, oh guy, u got a good taste


Victor said...

Quite predictable result, but it's a good indication on what guys like about girls.

Anonymous said...

huh? no votes for legs? hmmm.....

when I look at a woman, I look at her legs first. then her face, her body, followed by her boobs. so if she's slim, pretty and has to-kill-for legs, it's ok for me if she's only got an A-cup.

dark snow said...

i voted for boobs i think...who would not want someone with boobs like june urself? =p


Face, then boobs ,then booty!